Pink Lemonade

There is something really appealing to me about pink lemonade. I sometimes see on bogs or pictures a bottle of pink or "rose" lemonade, that looks so nice, bubbly ( for some weird reason which I don't quite understand), summery, and fun. It also looks really sweet  and girly and it makes me want to giggle and skip around ( I sometimes do that, it burns more calories and is MUCH more fun than walking).

I saw the pink lemonade or whateva it was, in a shop and fainted when I saw the price. I mean, ok, the botttle looks nice, fancy fonts and stuff, but seriously?
And because I'm no millionaire and because it's fun to be me, I made it. Nailed it, in a sing- song voice.
And you will too.

And I made the pics extra big, because, it's yucky outside and you and I need a reminder that it's not always that way. So here you go, a nice view of my windowsill.

How do you make it, you might ask? Well, when you make it, you can control the pinkness:) Add more or less raspberries, or blackberries, mush them with a spoon or fork, add some quartered lemons, some mint leaves, and to sweeten it you can use a spoon or two of honey, or brown sugar, just mix it around. I also add juice from 1 lemon to make the lemonade actually have a taste of lemons. You can also try adding a bit of rose water, if you have it, or if you don't, don't worry. During the summer, if you have a rose plant in your garden and you vouch for the plant, add some clean rose petals for that extra detail.
Pour this stuff in a bottle to which you have a cork or cap, and swish it around, and pour in some sparkling water or still water. Naughty grown-up version- instead of water, add some crisp white wine. And it's ready!
Pack up for a picnic, or serve at a lunch/ dinner table. Great mood booster!

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