Raclette party

Raclette if one of the few dishes where everybody eats from one plate.
Similar to fondue, this requires a special hot plate to keep the cheese melting and the potatoes baking.
We got a raclette set one year from our friends, and truth be said, the first time we did a raclette party, we drank way too much wine, to too little food. But it was a lot of fun. Hands up if you like fun!

And what can you also do with the raclette machine? Well,if you're considering getting one, or putting it on a wishlist, try getting one that has a plain top with no grill marks or any other kind of cute embelishes. Why? Because if you don't have a snazzy fancy schmancy crepe frying pan, this works just as well.
I've got the kind with a snowflake on top, so when I made crepes, they came out really fat and with the snowflake. So that kinda worked out.

What kind of cheese for raclette? Well, use the smelly raclette type. But it's smelly and heavy, so drink lots of wine folks, and have a salad on the side.
And you'll be merry merry :)
So what would you need to make this look and taste good?

  • raclette cheese - about 200-250 gram per person :)
  • 2 lettuces, shreded with a light vinaegrette
  • potatoes, boiled, cooled, cut in half, about 6-8 per person
  • pickles like: pickled pickles, bell peppers, sherkins, mushrooms, you name it.
  • cold meat : ham, rossette, cured and regular bacon, pancetta, slices of sausages
  • fresh veggies: carrot sticks, zucchini slices, tomatoes
  • you can also serve grits, to warm up on the spoons with cheese.
  • wine White and red. Lots of it, and lots of water to drink
Set your guests around the table, hand out eacha plate and a spoon, set the table with all the food and let the party begin- who shall eat the last slices of bacon with a tiny bit of cheese? Who wants dessert? You'll probably hear groans after that question :)

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