Micro, tiny, helpful giveaway

Okay, so it's been over a year this blog has been up, there have been certain important changes, and it's a lot of fun to write this blog. I may bore you guys with some weird details from my life, and since you cope with it by reading, I want to thank you for that.
And, because I'm beginning to feel the christmas spirit and stuff ( it's the creepy Santa Claus in shops), I got a little gift for one of my lucky readers:)

You should all know by now, that I post a lot  of recipes telling you to chop your stuff up. Chopping, cutting, mincing and in general, using a sharp knife and cutting board. And it happens to the best of us- you cut a finger or a nail.

So when I saw this baby, I knew where I should write about it and give it to someone as needing as myself.

So, for the first giveaway I have ever done in my life, here's what you have to do:

  • write in the comment section why should you win this finger guard and add your email addres
  • share this giveaway on your own Facebook/blog/twitter page 
  • and finally, go over to the Figs & Rosemary facebook page and hit "like" if you haven't done it yet!

Please leave a comment below for each entry and I will choose the lucky winner using a random generator... If you have already done these things before you can still enter, just say that in the comments below:)
Oh, adn this is not a sponsored giveaway, I just feel like a giveaway. Also, this is for everybody, worldwide, so I will send this anywhere in the world!
The name of the winner will be published here on Tuesday 27th November so please check back then...
Good luck everyone and thanks so much for reading! ( even you spam people :P)

Edit: And the lucky woohooo winner is Jenny English. Congrats! 


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  2. Sprzecik super! Moja babcia ma taki i dzieki niemu wciaz ma wszystkie 11 palcow u rak!

  3. This would be nice to have b/c I cook a lot for my family. I'm usually pretty good with knives but every so often I nick myself, and only once have i ever cut my finger bad.


  4. I also tweeted https://twitter.com/Greencycle3/status/271084355185684482

  5. and I like Figs & Rosemary on fb!