Knife time

As you can see a lot of the recipes involve a lot of chopping. Or mincing.  When I got married we bought a cheapo Ikea knife that was good to use ( I still use it), but it's a little bit too light and the rubber handle tends to flake after some time. Here it is, my FIRST: 
Ikea 365+ Cooks knife

Then, after 6 years I finaly found a better knife- heavier, better in hold, with a wooden handle. A chef's knife. No picture though, sorry. I think that a knife is the same like a sword- it should be the extension of your arm, not too heavy and not too light, but just perfect. That's probably why I look like a crazy person in a store, waving around knives in an aisle, searching for the best balance and weight. Not too long and not too short. Basicly I use my knife for everything- chopping mincing, cuttig, meat, veggies, fruit, bread, the lot. I use it compleatly and don't bother with a million types of knives specially designed to do shit.  Why wash up more later? A knife should most of all be sharp and sharpable(?) - I hate those knives that are pretty and shiny but you can't sharpen them for your life. I want to throw them out the window, but it's still dangerous so usually I try to "loose" them.

The cooks and chef's knife is pretty easy to use, good for chopping without the blade leaving the board with is supposed to make it easier to cut, but I got a little tired of it.


So, on Tuesday we went for a shopping trip to Ikea to buy a desk for T, and I got all samurai in the kitchen department and FOUND MY KNIFE:)
Look at it:)
My baby- Ikea 365+ Gnistra

Now this is a sick mathafaka. Sharp as hell, with a large straight blade which makes cutting bread and cold meats thin and evenly sooooo much easier. It's like a mercedes of my knives.
I really have to watch out with this one, bacause I already cut 2 fingers in the ridiculous process of cutting in hand ( STUPID!), plus 2 swiped fingernails. DRAMA. Aside from the injuries, this is the best knife I've ever had. Heavy enough and not too heavy that my hand hurts, the handle is plastic but grippy, has the grovels on both sides of the blade which makes the produce you're actually cutting fall away from the blade instead of sticking to it. But I still have to do the feta cheese test- to see how that one goes.
So far, so good.  Easy to clean too, did I mention that?
So far- this is my best purchase in the best price- 40zl!
The chef's knife cost me 75zl on sale in Piaseczno Outlet, and the previous Ikea one cost 30zl.

What is your best knife?

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