Long time no see

Hello everybody! Happy New Year 2012 and happy february, while we're at it:)
We are really sorry for the looooong delay, but sometimes things happen. Like jobs. Or vacations. Or holidays, go- aways and other work which comes around sometimes.

But here we are again, ready to roll. And boy, do we have a lot of recipes to share with you!

We also are taking part in a Duka contest, so that was awesome too! 3 days of preparing for 1 photoshoot and one big dinner for friends:) But it was worth it. It always is:)

Now, the big question is: what to post first?
Right now, we're in the middle of baking a cake to celebrate. Because it's soooo cold here (-12 during the day), we're making a fruit cake, to bring a bit of summer back to us. This is also the forgiving time, when we can cook fat, full of carbs and sugar meals and get away with it. Why, you ask? Because it's cold, it's winter , and it seems that it will never go away. That's why. So tartiflette with a healthy (or maybe not) dose of Reblochon cheese; or lots of puff pastry with good things inside.
 This is the time of year when everybody will forgive you for that kind of cooking, because it's what gets them going:)
So,check out the next post for yummy food!

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