Cheese and butter pasta- everybody loves it

Believe it or not, but there is a way to keep pasta simple and really delicious.
The most important thing you have to know - always have some hard Italian cheese and butter. Otherwise, this will not work out. :)
Too simple to write down a whole essay about making it, so here goes:

Boil water with a tsp of salt, add enough tagliatelle for the desired amount of people you may or may not have. This is a dish to eat at once, so no waiting around for somebody to show up.
Cook your pasta al dente, according to package, and in a bowl, place about a teaspoon of butter  (if you're dieting, if not, give it a tablespoon:) ), add some grated hard cheese, like parmesan, parmeggiano, or even corregio. So?
Drain the pasta and add to the bowl and mix with a fork so the butter and cheese is evenly distributed all over the pasta. Add more cheese on top, and a good sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper and you're ready to go!
It's De-li-cious!
Even the most wicked person who hates butter and cheese liked it! When he was sick! Way to go!

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