New pigs in blankets on the block

I love ready made pastry. It's a blessing, as I'm not that great with punching dough all day. I especially love french pastry, ready to go, ready to use.

When I started reading Roahl Dahl books, I started reading about dishes that weren't popular anymore. They were a relict of past times. Sponge cake, triffle cake, toad in the hole, the sort. Actually it sounded really good. Especially the triffle.  Mhmmm. I'll get to that one day.
So, what's toad in the hole got to do with pigs in blankets?
Actually, nothing. Piglets in baby blankets are a popular snack in the US for parties, here, our friend from Belgium introduced it to our group, served with dijon mustard. (Thanks Maxim!)
And they dissapear fast.
I think it's because when people come over for a party, they are usually quite hungry. Waiting for all the guests to come, they snack at the table and in general, "the early bird gets the worm". Or piglet.
So, let's say you're not going to a party, but, you're hungry, and you have french puff pastry. And some sausages. And some ketchup and mustard and mayo on hand. In squeeze bottles. or you're handy with a knife:)

Let's hear it for the piglets! Applause!

Type of dish: snack
Cost: cheap
Difficulty: easy
Serves: 2-4
Time: 20 min
Preparation time: 5min
Baking time: 10-15 min
Oven temp: 180C

You'll need:
cutting board, sharp knife, fork, baking tray, parchement paper or silpat,

  • 4 sausages or hotdogs
  • 1 piece of french puff pastry
  • ketchup
  • mayonaise
  • dijon mustard
What to do when your oven doesn't want to explode:
Heat your oven up to 180C.  Put your baking tray inside the oven.
Roll out your puff pastry, paper side down. Remove the foil from the sausages if you have it, and set aside.
For a dinner, for 2-4 people, do this.
Using your knife and a sausage for help, figure out how to cut the pastry so you can easily fold up the sausage in pastry to enclose it, but with a pinky finger worth of space on each side. We are going to wrap it up completly. And add the condiments before baking. So there needs to be a little space there.
When you know where to cut and fold, put the sausages in place, and squirt on a line of ketchup next to it. And a line of mustard. Or mayonaise, depends on the mix of flavours you like. Or smear it on.
Now fold the pastry over the sausage,  and use fork to gently press the sides together. You'll have something looking like the apple pie in McDonalds. Take the knife and gently make 3-4 cuts in the top of the pastry, so you can see the sausage. Transfer all the pastries on a silpat or parchement paper, take out the baking tray from the oven, gently slide the silpat or paper on,  pop in the oven for 10-15 min.
Your pastries should puff up, and turn golden. Take them out, allow to cool down for 3-4 mins and serve.

Party version of piglets- cut the sausage in 3cm pieces. Fold in the dough each piece without the condiments ( it'll fall apart if you do), and bake 15 min until golden. Serve with additional mustard or mayo fordiping and toothpicks. A popular mix is ketchup mixed with mayonaise.
Party Time!!!

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