Jammy sandwich

I was in Brussels this weekend, and our friends recommended going to a great place for breakfast (as for brunch it's overfilled with people ). You sit down and order what you want to eat-  we ordered cappucinos and a basket of fresh baked breads. At your table is around 6-10 different jams and spreads (sweet stuff like their kind of nutella), and you eat what you want to. But we had a problem, wanting to try out all the jam tastes so we made a colorful jammy sandwich, which basicly involves smearing jam in stripes over your slice of bread. This allows you to try all the jams, they don't mix together and the taste is perfect:). So if you have many jams you like but don't eat every day- this is an option for you. On this particular piece of bread in the photo there is from the top: butter, fig jam, sweet orange jam and raspberry jam. Also, this is so nice loking that the kids sitting not far away from us also wanted some! Great way to feed your babies!

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